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Brazil Footballer Dani Alves Denied Bail by Spanish Court While Sexual Assault Investigation Continues

Brazilian football star Dani Alves has been ordered to stay behind bars while an investigation into an allegation of sexual assault against him continues.

A court in Spain denied bail to the former Barcelona player, ruling he is a flight risk and must stay in prison while the probe takes place.

Alves was arrested last month, after he was accused of sexual assault in a nightclub on 30 December, and was jailed without bail after an initial investigation.

He has denied any wrongdoing.

In a statement, his defence team said: “Daniel Alves remains as innocent as he was before this ruling.

“His desire to leave Spain and elude the process did not, and does not, exist.”

His lawyers added Alves was willing to turn over his passport and wear a tracking device if freed, as well as report to the authorities as and when needed, and not go within 500 metres of the accuser’s home or workplace.

However, the court argued those measures were not enough to stop Alves from trying to escape, adding there is considerable evidence a crime may have been committed, and his wealth could make it easier for him to flee.

“Nothing would stop Mr Alves from leaving Spain by air, sea or even land without documentation and reaching his country of origin, where he could stay knowing that he would not be delivered to Spain despite international arrest warrants or extradition orders,” the court said.

Brazil does not extradite its citizens when sentenced abroad.

Robinho, another former Brazil player, dodged a nine-year sentence handed to him in Italy for rape, by staying in his home country, where he remains free.

Alves, 39, can appeal while the court decides whether to set up a trial.

Sexual assault offences can vary – from online abuse, to groping and rape – under Spain’s consent laws passed last year, with each offence having a different punishment.

Those found guilty of rape could face up to 15 years in prison.

The footballer has won 42 titles, which includes three Champions League wins with Barcelona and two Copa Americas with Brazil.

source: skynews