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Brazilian Group Gazes at Stars at Great Basin

Six adventurous friends from Brazil had been planning a trip for four years to travel across the United States. The pandemic held them back, but they finally embarked upon their journey on March 23.

One of their stops in Nevada? The Stargazer Inn & Bristlecone General Store in Baker.

Great Basin National Park being one of their stops on their top list of places to visit on their journey led them to the store, said Elizabeth Woolsey, owner and operator of The Stargazer Inn & Bristlecone General store.

Woolsey noted the group arrived in Baker last Friday, stopped in to buy snacks and souvenirs, and share their story before camping in the Lower Lehman Campground at the Great Basin National Park.

And, a stop in at Sandra’s Mexican Food Truck finalized their stop in Baker.

The group flew in to Chicago in March, rented a car, then headed south to explore Nashville and New Orleans. From there they drove to Denver, where they upgraded to the RV for their big road trip to San Francisco—their final destination with an expected arrival in May, before they head back to Brazil.

Their adventure will take them down The Loneliest Highway, also known as Highway 50, on to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and their last stop, San Francisco.

Woolsey said, “They were so excited to find out about the Route 50/Loneliest Highway Passport, which only made their trip more fun and engaging,”

“They even made a logo for their trip, which they use on their instagram page: @usamotorhome and they had sweatshirts made, as well,” Woolsey said.

Source: The Ely Times