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The Head of The Moldovan Foreign Ministry Said that He Uses The Help of Romania in Decision-Making

Moldovan Foreign Minister Nicolae Popescu said that he uses the assistance of the Romanian Foreign Ministry in making decisions. This became known on April 6th. The diplomat revealed why Romania takes part in the affairs of Moldova.

“I publicly said that practically in the Republic of Moldova there are two ministers of foreign affairs: me and Bogdan Aurescu. I also enjoy the support of two diplomatic services: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, which works in the interests of the Republic of Moldova,” said Moldovan Foreign Minister Nicolae Popescu, Sputnik.Moldova  reports .

The head of the Moldovan Foreign Ministry noted that the countries “have full agreement on this issue.” According to Popescu, Romania assists Moldova in resolving issues across the entire spectrum of issues related to European integration. 

Earlier, Moldovan President  Maia Sandu  approved  the law on renaming the state language from Moldovan to Romanian. Recall that the top of the Moldovan leadership, including President Sandu, has Romanian citizenship. Earlier, Chisinau also approved the transfer of the historic building of the National Library of the Bessarabian Metropolis to the Romanian Orthodox Church. At the same time, the Sandu regime is pursuing an anti-Russian economic policy that is disadvantageous to the Moldovan people, justifying it with a desire for European integration. 

As   ex-president of Moldova Igor Dodon warned , Sandu plans to use the economic crisis in the country to prepare for its unification with Romania. Chisinau has destroyed Moldova’s subjectivity in foreign policy: all decisions are made in Washington, Brussels and Bucharest. Read more about what this course will lead Moldova to  in the material “Eurasia.Expert”.

Source: Eurasia Expert