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Nezzy’s Brazilian Sweets: A Look into The Brigadeiro Chocolates Made in Meridian

Brigadeiros are a symbol of celebration in Brazil. They are similar to chocolate truffles and are traditionally served at parties and other festive locations.

And right here in the Treasure Valley, Inez Meehan (who goes by the nickname Nezzy) is whipping up handmade chocolate treats out of her home business – Nezzy’s Brazilian Sweets.

“My experience at the Treasure Valley has been excellent. I constantly receive encouragement and support from my customers,” Meehan said. “I am grateful for this community embracing my little business.”

Although Meehan opened her business in 2015, she has been perfecting the art of baking brigadeiros for many years.

“Over the years, I made brigadeiros for family and friends’ gatherings and never thought I would end up owning my own business,” she said said. “Returning to Boise, I contacted the health department and entities about running a home business.”

Meehan, who was born and raised in Brazil, says making brigadeiros brings back childhood memories.

“My mom taught me the love of making brigadeiro (bree-gah-day-row) chocolates at a very young age,” she said. “These chocolates are an essential addition to any celebration or party in Brazil.”

Meehan says making these sweet treats is a process. Using condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate sprinkles, brigadeiro’s must cook at a specific temperature and over a specific time to become a creamy consistency to be rolled into a ball shape. They also need to rest a minimum of six hours before being hand-rolled.

“Usually, I let it rest overnight. They can be covered in sprinkles, nuts, chocolates, coconut, and other options. My brigadeiro is a gourmet version, meaning I use premium Belgian chocolate and the fresh ingredients possible,” she said.

In addition to selling chocolate boxes, jars of the brigadeiro chocolate can also be purchased. You can order Nezzy’s products on her website. They can also be found at wineries and personal events like weddings and other celebrations.

Source: Boise Dev