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Political Scientist: “Georgia is Leaving The West, but has Not Yet Come to Russia”

The United States imposed visa restrictions on four members of the High Council of Justice of Georgia due to the fact that they are allegedly involved in corruption. Irakli Kobakhidze, chairman of the ruling party Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia, said that Washington does not recognize the statehood of his country. He considers it necessary to “show everyone that Georgia is a state.”

Based on the words of Kobakhidze, one can conclude that Georgia is moving away from the West. However, because of this, it does not become pro-Russian, political scientist Stanislav Tarasov believes.

“The Georgian government should not be considered pro-Russian, these are pragmatists-nationalists. They hoped that they would be accepted into the EU, they would be given certain preferences in NATO, but neither of these followed. The current Georgian leadership is well aware of the change in the geopolitical situation. The West is pushing them towards anti-Russian sanctions and solidarity with Ukraine, but they are well aware that such a path will lead to the abolition of Georgia. In 2008 they lost Abkhazia and Ossetia. They don’t talk about it, but there are disputes over territories with Armenia and Azerbaijan. Georgia can become the kingdom it was in 801. They understand that through Turkey and Iran, Russia is moving towards the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea, thereby changing the alignment in the Transcaucasus. Georgia is leaving the West, but has not yet come to Russia, trying to maintain its independence”– said Tarasov “Paragraph”.

Earlier, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili said that the West is not asking Tbilisi to open a second front against Russia.

Source: Absatz Media