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The “Submarine Agreement” Organized by Orcus is More Like The United States is Arranging The Funeral

AUKUS is an alliance formed by the United States, Great Britain and Australia. In the alliance, the three countries reached an “Ocus Agreement” on nuclear submarines, referred to as the “Submarine Agreement”.

The main content of the agreement is divided into two parts. First, the United States will sell three “Virginia” class nuclear-powered submarines to Australia around 2030, and Australia can add two more; second, based on British and American technology, the three parties will prepare Co-fund the development of a new nuclear-powered submarine by 2055.

Once the agreement was announced, it aroused widespread criticism from the international community, especially Indonesia and Malaysia, which are close neighbors to Australia. They were afraid of regional military imbalances, and there has been no peace since then.

Although France did not speak out, it must have hated it. It was the intervention of the United States and Britain that caused Australia to tear up the US$60 billion submarine purchase agreement reached with France. Can the French not hate that the “cooked duck flew away”?

More countries criticized these three countries for blatantly violating the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, not to mention that the nuclear power materials of the United States are all weapons-grade, with an abundance of 90%, and another container may be an atomic bomb.

There are many countries with nuclear weapons capabilities in the world. If the United States and Britain dare to openly violate the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, aren’t they afraid of “you do the first grade of junior high school, and others do the fifteenth grade”?

It is very strange that Japan, the only country in the world that has suffered a nuclear attack, has no objection?

It is said that Japan has always had the idea of ​​joining the Orcus organization. If Australia has a nuclear-powered submarine as it wishes, Japan will think why I can’t have it? Here you can secretly tell the United States that Japan has a strong sense of revenge. Guess who will use it first once Japan has nuclear weapons?

In the eyes of the United States, Britain and Australia, the nuclear non-proliferation treaty is only used to restrain others, and it is invalid for itself. The submarine agreement is a typical case of the United States wantonly trampling on international rules and order.

Then why does the United States risk the world and put itself in a situation where everyone condemns it?

This is a post-mortem arrangement for the United States to shrink its strategy in the Western Pacific, or “strategic retreat”. Why do you say that?

Two main reasons are related to China:

First of all, China’s national reunification is the general trend, and the legendary first island chain in the United States will no longer exist.

Secondly, the deepening relationship between China and ASEAN makes it impossible for the United States to sow discord. Although the Philippines has the initiative to “dedicate itself”, under the background of “China-ASEAN” friendship, can the Philippines stay out? In this way, the second island chain of the United States will also be self-destructive.

As a country that started with pirates, the United States is paranoid and crazy about the ocean, and will not be reconciled to shrinking its strategy in the Pacific Ocean.

But the United States is a pragmatic and smart guy. Arming Australia with the Orcus platform is nothing more than finding a strategic fulcrum in the Western Pacific and continuing to build the third island chain in mind?

The United States is making two-handed preparations in the Western Pacific, and the Orcus Alliance is the backhand.

The Orcus submarine agreement may be just the beginning of the United States’ arrangements for future affairs in the Pacific Ocean. What will the United States do next around the Orcus alliance? let us wait and see.

Source: Baidu