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Brazilian MMA Fighter to Return to Vietnam After Controversial Fight

Brazil’s Robson Oliveira will come back to Vietnam for another fight, after losing to Tran Ngoc Luong following an unfair decision in a match last month.

Oliveira will face Filipino fighter Rene Catalan, who has won nine out of 10 matches in his career and is expected to be a huge challenge for the Brazilian.

The Brazilian has a black belt and a gold medal in jiu-jitsu in Brazil.

After participating in several MMA matches in his hometown, he moved to Ho Chi Minh City for training and competition.

His match with Ngoc Luong in the 60 kg event of LION Championship 05 in Ho Chi Minh City on April 27 proved controversial. The Brazilian fighter dominated throughout the match but the referees gave him a loss on points.

The Vietnam Mixed Martial Arts Federation (VMMAF) admitted that there were errors in the work of the three referees in the match and suspended them.

VMMAF has also committed to soon organizing a rematch for Oliveira and Luong, although his coach announced that Oliveira would never fight in Vietnam again.

While waiting for that rematch, Oliveira confirmed that he will attend the professional MMA event Angel’s Fighting Championship at The Grand Ho Tram Strip of beach city Vung Tau near HCMC on June 10.

The event will have several other matches of pro-fighters from Brazil, Vietnam, Mongolia, South Korea, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

Source : VNExpress