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Cuban Documentary Filmmaker Santiago Alvarez Remembered in Argentina

I the context of this initiative, the films La guerra olvidada, El tigre saltó y mató… pero morirá…morirá, Now and El nuevo tango will be projected at 6 p.m. local time at the Kirchner Cultural Center in Havana.

The last mentioned documentary was made with material recorded in Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Mendoza, during Alvarez’s visit to this country in 1973, for the Noticiero Icaic (Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry) team.

This team accompanied former President Osvaldo Dorticós (1919-1983) to the inauguration of former Argentine President Héctor Cámpora (1909-1980).

Diplomatic ties between the two nations began in 1909, but were interrupted in 1962 due to the pressures exerted by the United States in an attempt to isolate Cuba after the revolutionary triumph of 1959.

The 20th of this month, also marked the 25th anniversary of the death of the distinguished filmmaker.

During the tribute, the words of the director of the Santiago Alvarez Office, Lázara Herrera, and Cuban ambassador Pedro Pablo Prada will be heard.

Source : Prensa Latina