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A UFO crash in Brazil in 1996 remains a mystery

A UFO crash in Brazil in 1996 remains a mystery

There was even a documentary made in 2022, Moment of Contact, that follows the much-discussed incident that allegedly occurred in Varginha, Brazil, decades ago.

The opinions of the people who claimed to have seen extraterrestrial beings haven’t budged still, while the incident itself is entangled in many conspiracy theories.

People claimed UFO crashed in Brazil in 1996

For years, several reports have claimed that a UFO was shot down on January 13, 1996, and a week later, two sisters and their friend, witnessed a strange-looking creature with red eyes, crunching by a wall.

The story goes, the three girls – sisters Liliane and Valquíria Silva and their friend Kátia Xavier, were walking between two houses on an empty plot when they allegedly saw a creature standing eight feet away from them.

The girls claimed that the creature looked frightened and appeared to be “suffering from the heat.”

“I looked into its eyes and saw that it was frightened. Just as I was frightened, the creature was also frightened. I saw that it was afraid of us. It was an exchange of fears. It is for us. Afraid of us in the same way we were afraid of it. A being we weren’t familiar with,” Valquiria, who was 14 at the time, said.

And, another witness featured in Moment of Contact, De Sousa, claimed he witnessed the UFO crash and it was the size of a school bus but shaped like a submarine.

Supposed aliens described in the words of the witnesses

The sisters were panicking upon seeing a creature which, according to the third witness, Katia, stopped her in her tracks.

The 21-year-old said at the time: “It glued me to that spot. It had red eyes and oily skin. I couldn’t see an open mouth. Not smiling. Sad expression. Shrunken back. It didn’t have hair. Eyes three times bigger than ours.”

The distinct stench around the creature was something the witnesses couldn’t forget easily. Katia described it as an “ammonia smell”

Luiza said: “For 20 days I smelled its smell. I couldn’t stand the smell. I don’t know where it came from. I even washed my nose with alcohol and water. “

For years, rumors were rife that the military had allegedly captured the creatures and an officer even died from a sickness after one of the extraterrestrials scratched him. Moment of Contact features exclusive clips and dialogues of some of the primary witnesses.

Source: HITC