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Enel Green Power Chile Begins Commercial Operation of Two New Solar Farms


Enel Chile, through its subsidiary for renewable energy development and implementation, Enel Green Power Chile, received authorization from the National Electricity Coordinator to begin commercial operation of its two new photovoltaic generation plants, Finis Terrae Extension (126 MW) and Finis Terrae III (18 MW).

These new plants are an expansion of Finis Terrae. They will operate jointly, generating approximately 448 GWh of clean energy annually for the National Electric System. Renewable production will power about 149 thousand Chilean homes and, in turn, avoid the emission of 354 thousand tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

For the construction of these renewable generation units, we installed 332 thousand bifacial photovoltaic panels, state-of-the-art technology for solar park development, allowing for greater energy generation efficiency and improving production by 14% compared to a conventional panel.

Park construction had a peak of 400 on-site workers, most of whom were local people. We implemented an employment plan for María Elena’s local female workforce, including training with Inacap in Antofagasta, professional internships, and subsequent hiring to strengthen the local economy.

Also, we implemented wireless trackers in these new clean energy plants, equipment allowing a faster and more efficient construction process since no cables are needed to develop the control and monitoring system. As an extension of Finis Terrae, we built these parks linked with the other project, such as the same high voltage facilities, elevator substation, and transmission line.

Enel Green Power Chile is a subsidiary of Enel Chile, a leader in the country’s renewable energy market, with a diversified portfolio that, as of March 31, 2023, comprises wind (715 MW), solar (2,043 MW), hydroelectric (92 MW) and geothermal (83 MW), totaling a net installed capacity of 2,933 MW.

Source : Enel Green Power