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Brazilians Expect Agreement to Leave Gaza

A group of about 30 people is near the Egyptian border to escape the war between Israel and Hamas

A group of 28 Brazilians who asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be removed from the Gaza Strip remains detained in the region. According to the Brazilian ambassador in the West Bank, Alessandro Candeas, they are waiting for an agreement for the Egyptian government to allow the entry of refugees, in addition to Israeli consent on their side of the border.

As a result, negotiations have reached the fifth day, although the most tense stage of the process, which was the removal of 16 Brazilians from the city of Gaza after Israel issued an ultimatum for it on Friday (13), has already been overcome. On Wednesday (11), the Brazilian government finished the thorough search in the community of perhaps 40 citizens in the region.

Thirty of them initially requested to be evacuated. The most vulnerable group, consisting of 16 people, was in the capital of the strip. These people, including 10 children, were taken to a Catholic school, the Rosary Sisters School, which is located almost at the end of the outskirts of the capital, to the south.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that it will be possible to remove the entire group through Rafah by this Monday (16), but the situation is likely to worsen, since the city is already overcrowded with other Palestinians with dual citizenship trying to leave Gaza. In the most recent local update of the groups, there are 22 Brazilians, 3 Palestinian immigrants, and 3 Palestinians with residence in Brazil.

Source: Folha De S. Paulo