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Brazilian Actor and YouTuber Gets Successful Dubbing Football Polemic Moments

Gustavo Machado gives voice to provocations and arguments that occur during matches

When Brazil was knocked out by Croatia in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar last December, actor and voice actor Gustavo Machado, 24, spotted an opportunity. The Brazilian fans were still trying to understand how Tite’s team had lost a victory in the final minutes of extra time before being overcome during penalty kicks when a video of Neymar arguing with Fred went viral on social networks.

You could see how aggravated the number 10 player was with the midfielder’s decision to go on the attack at that point in the game, but it took lip reading to actually understand his scolding his teammate. It was there that Gustavo, without even noticing it, found an opening to promote his own work. “Then I thought: I’ll do the dubbing, I have a lot of practice with it, I think I’ll do it here just so people can understand what was said and feel the same frustration that I felt”, the actor tells Folha.

The clip is short, just 20 seconds, but the dubbing done by him revealed Neymar’s feeling of frustration at that exact moment. “Hey, there. There’s no need for you to go up there, dude. There’s no need for you to go up there. Stay here. It’s 1-0, five minutes to go. Will you give an option? Will you give the guys an option to attack? You have to hold the game back here,” says Neymar according to the voice actor’s interpretation.

Since its publication, on December 10, the day after the defeat of the Brazilian national team, the video has accumulated more than five million views on YouTube alone. “Since then, I started to focus on this type of content. I understood that there was an audience that wanted to know what happened [during a game]. It became one more field of dubbing that I work with now”, says Gustavo.

Source: Folha De S. Paulo