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Brazil adds 9 GW of wind and solar in 2023

Brazil’s power sector regulator Aneel announced on Tuesday that the country connected to the grid almost 9 GW of wind and solar power generating capacity in 2023.

Wind power accounted for the most additions during the year with a collective capacity of about 4.92 GW, representing 47.65% of the total increase in power generation.

Solar contributed 4.07 GW, while new thermal power plants corresponded to a combined capacity of 1.21 GW. Hydropower plants that went live throughout the year added a combined 169.4 MW.

In December alone, Brazil hooked to the grid a total of 1.9 GW of new power generating capacity, of which wind and solar accounted for 956.7 MW and 374.8 MW, respectively.

Overall, the country ended 2023 with 199.32 GW of authorised power in operation, with the share of renewables reaching 83.67%.

Source: Renewa Bles Now