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President Lula the giant lays bare Israel’s genocidal actions

Brazilian President Lula’s statements at the African Union (AU) summit lifted the lid on the Zionist state’s crimes and brought to light the truth about what Israel has been practicing in the Palestinian territories it has occupied since the Nakba; banishment, ethnic cleansing, genocide and horrors similar to those during the Holocaust.

Lula made a correct comparison from a historical and humanitarian point of view, because the crimes of the Nazis not only against Jews, but also against other populations during World War II in Europe, resemble what Zionists of the supremacist regime of Israel have been committing against the population of Gaza through a massacre that has already killed 30,000 Palestinians, most of them children, women and the elderly, in addition to the about 10,000 missing and presumed dead beneath the rubble, whose bodies have not been recovered.

The Prime Minister of the Nazi-Zionist state of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, a war criminal and terrorist in the most literal sense of the term, continues to claim Israel is “exercising its right of self-defence” in an effort to lie to the world, because according to international law, especially the United Nations Charter and the Geneva Convention, an occupying force such as Israel does not have the right to self-defence, is not authorised to carry out bombings against residential neighbourhoods, hospitals, UN schools, religious temples and unarmed civilians, nor is it allowed to kidnap and torture of thousands of Palestinians living under its occupation. However, Israel persists in such practices with full support and funding from the US and the Western media.

The charge of anti-Semitism used to intimidate Israel’s critics or to sterilise discussion and divert attention from real problems, is very convenient and useful when Zionists are without arguments. There is a clear distinction between anti-Semitism as Jew-hatred on the one hand, and legitimate criticism of Israel’s degrading, oppressive and genocidal policies against the Palestinian people, on the other.

Contrary to this shameful manipulation, the comparison made by President Lula is totally appropriate, because while Hitler’s intention was the elimination of the Jews, Israel’s is the annihilation of the Palestinian people, in an operation of ethnic cleansing and genocide. In this sense, the Nazis and Zionists can be considered to be united in thought and action.

The Zionists use the Holocaust of Jews in Europe as an indispensable and convenient ideological weapon in their favour in the policy of creating disguises and misrepresenting facts. Jewish writer Norman G. Filkelstein, who family members were murdered in the Nazi concentration camps, wrote in his book ‘The Holocaust Industry’ that “most people are unaware of the fact that the Zionist movement, which always invokes the horror of the Holocaust, has actively collaborated with the fiercest enemy the Jews have ever had [Nazism].”

Hamas, for example, which is often accused of terrorism and anti-Semitism by the Zionist occupiers, makes it a practice not to manifest or support any conduct against Jews for who they are. The movement’s 2017 charter states that its struggle is against “the Zionist project, not against the Jews because of their religion. Hamas is not fighting against the Jews because they are Jews, but it is fighting against the Zionists occupying Palestine.”

The fury of apologists for Israel’s crimes against President Lula’s statements is because Israel has already lost the battle in world public opinion. The insane attacks against Lula, this giant of international prestige, are the smokescreen they needed to try to cover the obvious military defeat in Gaza and the massive demonstrations in support of Palestine in the main cities of the world and outright repudiation of the actions of the terrorist state of Israel.

Israel’s place is in the dock because it violates international law. The right of self-defence is guaranteed by all means, including armed struggle, only to oppressed and occupied peoples. In this case, the Palestinian people.

Source: MEMO